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Thanks to Conosci Firenze, you will have the opportunity to enter a usually inaccessible place: the Visacci Palazzo in Borgo Albizi. This extraordinary opening, available by reservation, is made possible by the Grande Oriente d’Italia, which has occupied the noble floor of this palace since 1978. We will explore the transformations of the palace through the centuries: from the facade featuring images of illustrious Florentines commissioned by Baccio Valori in the 1500s to the current use of the rooms as a Temple, allowing us to introduce the symbols and rituals of Masonic Lodges up close.
Freemasonry arrived in Florence in 1731, making our city the first in Italy to host a Lodge. Over the centuries, many illustrious Florentine citizens have been part of this fraternity. The language used by Freemasonry is universal, composed of words and allegorical signs understandable worldwide by those who can decipher them. The choice of location for these symbols is never random. Architecture has always been considered the supreme art by Masons, drawing a clear parallel between constructing one's moral inner reality and building structures. Entering a Masonic Temple is akin to entering the inner temple of man. The artistic beauty of the rooms enhances the allure of this place. The 18th-century stuccoes by Giovanni Martino Portogallo and the frescoes by Matteo Bonechi, rich in symbols and allegories, will accompany our journey through Olympian deities and enchanting figures.

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