A treasure chest of wonders

Explore the captivating world of Florence with our team of seasoned guides, all fluent in English. They will unveil the city's true essence, offering insights only a local can provide.

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A treasure chest of wonders
The San Marco Museum stands as a testament to Michelozzo's craftsmanship, a project undertaken at the behest of Cosimo dei Medici. Once the dwelling of Savonarola, it now houses the world's most extensive collection of artworks by Fra Angelico, who also called this place home for a brief period. Our expedition will guide us through the splendid architectural expanse of the monastery's cells and cloisters. This encompasses the serene cloister of Sant’Antonio, the masterful Cenacolo del Ghirlandaio, the dignified Refectory and Chapter Hall, the hallowed Church, and the repository of knowledge – the Library.

Adding to this enriching journey, we shall have the privilege of experiencing the newly adorned Sala del Beato Angelico, formerly known as the Hospice Hall. This transformation was brought forth in honor of the Museum's 150th anniversary celebrations, inaugurated in the preceding year. Thus, an opportunity unfolds to immerse oneself in the enthralling narratives, concealed mysteries, and precious treasures that grace this exceptional sanctuary.

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