A Journey through Time and Emotions

Explore the captivating world of Florence with our team of seasoned guides, all fluent in English. They will unveil the city's true essence, offering insights only a local can provide.

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Exploring Florence's Protestant Cemetery: A Journey through Time and Emotions
A visit to discover the power that continues to emanate from that towering hillock amidst the traffic of Piazzale Donatello. Guided tour: "The Island of the Dead," also known as the Protestant Cemetery, "Cimitero degli Inglesi."
The approximately 1,400 graves belong to Protestants, Anglicans, Orthodox, Freemasons, atheists, stillborn babies, suicides, the poor, servants, slaves, domestics, bourgeoisie, nobility, exiles, debtors, mixed-race couples, tuberculosis patients, and many others. Here lies the black slave Nadezhda De Santis, whose real name was Kalima, arriving in Florence at the tender age of fourteen and passing away at just thirty. Many of these tombs bear witness to the great affection and respect of masters and mistresses toward the servants who lived under their roof.
This visit will allow us to explore a place that can be described as "unique in the world." We will get to know the prominent figures who characterized 19th-century Florence: the poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning (photo 1), Giampietro Viessuex, the philosopher Sismondi, and the historian Davidsohn. Distinguished Florentines like Giulia Guicciardini and her brother Piero.
This place is a marble archive of Italy's, England's, Europe's, and the entire world's history.
It is the English Cemetery that inspired "The Isle of the Dead," the famous painting by Arnold Böcklin. Between 1880 and 1886, the Swiss painter - who buried his 6-month-old daughter there - managed to create 5 copies. This romantic masterpiece was later reimagined by artists such as Dalí, De Chirico, Rachmaninoff, and, more recently, H.R. Giger, the creator of the Alien film set. This painting was an obsession for Freud, Lenin, and Adolf Hitler, who went as far as buying the third copy.


photo 1. the poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning
English Cemetery
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