The guided tour of the "buchette del vino" offers a unique experience to explore an ancient Florentine custom and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the city.

The "Le buchette del vino" walk is a unique opportunity to delve into Renaissance Florence and discover a fascinating aspect of daily life during that era. The "buchette del vino" were small windows, precursors to modern bars, through which aristocrats could purchase wine without entering an inn.
During the guided tour, you will explore the origin of these buchette, their evolution over time, and how some have been reinterpreted for modern purposes. Picture yourself at one of these buchette in an ancient Florentine palace, ready to exchange a few euros for a glass of wine, enjoyed with elegance through this traditional window.
The guide will share captivating stories, historical anecdotes, and details about the various "buchette del vino" you will encounter during the walk. It will be an experience that blends the charm of the past with the pleasure of good wine, offering a unique perspective on Florentine Renaissance life.

Wine Windows, “Buchetta del Vino”
Wine Windows, “Buchetta del Vino”
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