The Medieval Towers of Florence

The towers are not accessible to the public as they are privately owned.
Explore the captivating world of Florence with our team of seasoned guides, all fluent in English. They will unveil the city's true essence, offering insights only a local can provide.

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Do you know what a “consorteria” or a “castellare” is? To understand, we need to turn back the clock to the distant Middle Ages, precisely to the late 1200s when Florence was called the "City of Towers"! During this period, Florence was so wealthy and densely populated that it was compared to the great European capitals of London and Paris. The city boasted more than 150 towers, ranging in height from 25 to 65 meters, making it a true medieval New York! Despite significant architectural changes over the centuries, many examples of tower houses still exist today. Journeying back in time, we will retrace the narrow and winding streets of the historic center within the ancient city walls. Looking up, we will encounter the beautiful vertical architectures known as tower houses. These impressive structures stand as a testament to Florence's rich medieval heritage and its once towering skyline.

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